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I want to introduce you to lifestyle photography 

This style creates frames between moments, saving everything according to your rhythm. This style of family portrait is more than a photo of what a family looks like; it's a glimpse of who this family is

The subject of the photos is your everyday life, which I try to capture in natural moments.

Lifestyle sessions are less absorbing especially for families, they can take place in your home, garden or favorite location. It is important for me that you’re all relaxed and in a comfortable setting so that you can have  fun with our session 

what to expect when choosing lifestyle photo sessions

My lifestyle photo sessions are like meetings with friends...not a client. You must have a relaxed approach to the session, think of it as a coffee meeting

Before I take out the camera - we'll talk and get to know each other, together we will determine the shots and where we will take them.

During the session you can play, read books to children and show each other a lot of affection, these emotions and your energy will help me capture wonderful moments in the pictures


During our meeting I will be photographing a lot in the form of reportage but I will also do traditional portraits.

When it comes to styling-  I don't usually bring any props to the shoot, but if you want a specific style, that's negotiable. Remember everything depends on you, what you want and what you like, so please tell me about your expectations and ideas for pictures.

The session usually lasts about 2 hours, but I never pay attention to time, because what matters to me is the quality and your satisfaction with my work


If you like a traditional pictures with a background and studio lighting you can book session but only seasonally, for spring time - Easter scenery, Winter time - Christmas scenery, and in the form of photos for a child's birthday - smash cake scenography.

To find out more about my sessions and availability, please send me a message 

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