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family AND PETS photoshoots, individual portraits and maternity sessions            


Embrace Your Story: Studio, Nature, and Beyond

Creativity ignites, passion whispers, and beauty unfolds – in a style uniquely your own. After a decade within studio walls, I'm drawn to the vast canvas of nature, where sun-kissed landscapes and windswept fields become stunning backdrops for your story.

Mother Gaia's Studio: Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and let the world become your stage. Here, sunlight sculpts portraits as unique as the stories they tell. Laugh amongst rolling hills, embrace loved ones against towering trees, or simply be – I'll capture the essence of it all.

Comfort Within: But maybe the familiar whispers its charm. That's where my mobile studio steps in, bringing a touch of cozy familiarity to any space. Diverse backdrops transform your home into a haven for storytelling, capturing your vision within the walls you love.

Lifestyle Captured: Family Photoshoot, I'm not just a photographer, I'm a storyteller. Lifestyle photography is my passion, recording your life's unscripted moments with authenticity and grace. Whether it's a backyard picnic with your crew or a quiet morning ritual, I'll weave the threads of your everyday into art.

Let's Collaborate: Have a favorite spot that whispers your story? Don't hesitate to share it! This is your session, and I'm here to capture you at your best – amidst breathtaking scenery, bathed in warm light, and brimming with genuine emotions.

Celebrating Motherhood: Pregnancy is a time of awe-inspiring transformation, and maternity photography honors the magic of carrying life within. My sessions are designed to celebrate your inner goddess, capturing the radiant beauty of motherhood in its many forms.

We can create intimate moments of connection with your beloved bump, express the joy of anticipation with your partner, or even celebrate the vibrant energy of family life. Whether you envision yourself amidst wildflowers bathed in golden light or in a cozy home setting surrounded by love, I'll collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Beyond Humans: Pet lovers, rejoice! Capturing the playful spirit and charming quirks of your furry companions is another passion of mine. Whether it's their goofy grin amidst family cuddles or a majestic pose in the wild, I'll bring out their unique characters for all to cherish.

Ready to Start? I'm eager to create an artifact of a beautiful portrait, a lasting souvenir of this chapter in your life. Contact me for price lists, available slots, and anything else you'd like to know. Let's craft something extraordinary, together.


 lifestyle photography 

Lifestyle photography is a portrait that shows everyday life in an artistic way, capturing people in real time and in their natural surroundingsLifestyle photography is a popular style that allows viewers to have a more personal connection more with the people in the photos - More info about my lifestyle sessions can be found here... 

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