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Spring and Summer photohgraphy  

When you know what your passion is, you feel motivated and inspired, then you start creating beauty in the style that suits you best.

Therefore, after 10 years of working in the studio, I return to nature frames of the outdoor photo sessions where landscapes of mother Gaia are the most beautiful scenography for my clients. 

Optionally...I offer studio photoshoot at the client's home, I have a mobile studio and a lot of backgrounds that I quickly assemble indoors. Sessions in this style can be booked for Easter - Spring, Christmas and for Birthday 

family AND PETS photoshoots, individual portraits and maternity sessions            

In the spring, everything comes to life and we have more energy... it's my favourite time of the year for photo shoots

Between the end of March and the beginning of June, I like to shoot in flowering meadows and forests where bluebells bloom. In the summer when the days are hot and long, I take pictures at the evening time to capture the warm colours of the sun set, the golden fields of grain are a beautiful background for summer portraits, as well as lavender fields. 

I am a supporter of lifestyle photography, in which you write and tell your story. I'm just recording it.

Lifestyle photography is something different from traditional sessions. This style of photography is very popular now and is designed to show your everyday life, photos are spontaneous and natural.

If you have a favorite place our style for your photo shoot, don't hesitate to tell me about it, ...because it's your photo session and I'm there only to capture you - in the best emotions, light and scenery.

Each session with my clients is an individual project, with the aim of creating an artifact of a beautiful portrait that will be a souvenir for many years.

Photo sessions for pets are my new passion, I also like to photograph wild animals, but the greatest fun and satisfaction gives me the moment when I can bring out the characters of your pets and include them in your family portrait. Please contact me if you like to know more - price list, free slots   


Maternity photography 
are about communing with female nature and celebrating that you are a mother  the guardian of life and part of the magical regeneration that sustains all humanity.

Maternity sessions are designed individually, according to the preferences of clients -  it all depends on what your vision is and what you like.
Don't worry ... if you have no idea for your session, I will help you choose the details. There is also a stylist and makeup artist in my team.
In spring, summer and early autumn time, I enjoy the charms of nature and do not shoot in the studio. In the winter, due to the lack of "real winter scenery in the UK", you can persuade me to a studio session


 lifestyle photography 

Lifestyle photography is a portrait that shows everyday life in an artistic way, capturing people in real time and in their natural surroundingsLifestyle photography is a popular style that allows viewers to have a more personal connection more with the people in the photos - More info about my lifestyle sessions can be found here... 

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For more information and price lists

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