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My work brings me great satisfaction and allows me to fulfil my need of sharing 

my thoughts, ideas and observations. 

The world whispers secrets in fleeting moments of light and shadow... I listen through the lens. Photography has become my voice, a channel for communication that began with my autistic son and now extends to the whole world. Through my art, I unveil invisible emotions, unspoken narratives, and connect with viewers on a profound level.

My canvas is boundless. My art transcends genres, encompassing everything from portraits to landscapes. Beyond capturing beauty, I aim to evoke empathy, provoke thought, and spark conversations. This passion led me to graduate with a BA (Hons) Photography from Coventry University.

When the lens falls heart yearns to build bridges between different worlds. Through charity, I stitch a richer tapestry of Britain, where every thread gleams with individuality and respect. Beyond the shutter, I delve into a different kind of light. As a channeler, meditation maestro, and soul guide, I lead others on quests of inner exploration and awakenings. My art and my spirit, two lenses, revealing humanity's depths.


Photography Services  



Family photography, portraits: I'm working in wide range of services, from maternity session to individual glamour portraits. I always adapt photo sessions to people needs, including the designed scenery and location.  More information about how I work and what services I offer can be found hire 


Corporate and Event Photography: My service is available for all types of events from weddings to award ceremonies, conferences, social occasion and individual projects. For large projects, I'm works with my team of several photographers and videographers.



Commercial and Editorial: Whether you need images for your Website, Linked-In, product photography or an annual report, experience the ease and confidence of professional photography with creative solutions for all your marketing and advertising needs.